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Your Home Inspection Report - What to Focus On.

Having your home inspected is a critical part of the home buying process. Choosing a trustworthy and competent inspector is the first step to ensure you are well on your way to protecting what may be your single largest investment - your new home. Upon completion of any home inspection you will receive a home inspection report.

AJC Williams Home Inspections offers the following suggestions on reading your report correctly and identifying the most important elements of the document. Reports are usually presented in a checklist or narrative format. The narrative provides specific and detailed information about the inspection. You should be on the look out for both strengths and weaknesses found during the inspection process. This will make it easier to judge the entire state of the home. When reading the report focus on potential health hazards and the most costly problems first. The most important elements of your home inspection report include:


Your electrical system must be up to code. It is critical that the electrical system can handle modern homeowners needs. Many homes have inadequate and outdated electrical systems which will be reflected in the reported findings.

Roof & Chimney

A faulty chimney is the prime cause of house fires. AJC Williams Home Inspections advises that if your home inspection is performed on a rainy day, catching leaks or potential water damage will be easier. If this is not possible, there are other ways to make sure that any water damage issues or concerns have been addressed visually, such as signs of water pooling and damage.

Mold, Mildew, or other Health Hazards

Mold and mildew, while unsightly, and unpleasant to smell, can become a far more serious problem. Other contaminants such as radon gas should also be looked for. Many of these could become deadly if ignored.


If you have ever been a home owner, you may well know, faulty plumbing can lead to huge repair bills. Make sure that water pressure and drainage have been addressed in the report. AJC Williams Home Inspections also understands the importance of checking the pipes outside the home as well.

We are here to answer your questions or concerns. Ask for clarification when and if you need it; get the most from your home inspection report. Your home inspection report allows you to learn a lot about your house and its systems. We suggest keeping the report as a valuable resource to be referred to in the future.

A thorough report may contain up to 20 or more pages, detailing items that need adjustment, service or cleaning. Be sure to carefully review the summary punch list, detailing any concerns, is a valuable reference for future home maintenance needs. Remember, if the report leaves you with questions, give us a call. A home inspection is only worth the help that it gives the homeowner (potential or otherwise.)

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